Roulette Analysis for Casinos

•Windows 7 and above
•.Net 4.5.2 compatibility
•SQL compatibility
Pricing: 500 USD

Roulette Analysis for Casinos


Demo Video:
You are a casino owner, gaming manager or surveillance manager.  You have a feeling that something is going down at the roulette tables, but you can’t put your finger on it.  Looking for a method to calculate the probabilities?
Excelpunks puts the statistics into this equation with Roulette Analysis!
•Includes analyses for Single and Double Zero roulette
•Probability alerts immediately inform you of improbable results.
•Round-By-Round Analysis and Entire Game Analysis:
  • Occurrence of Specific numbers
  • Win/Loss analysis on all wager types
  • Win/Loss analysis on Specific Numbers
  • Win/Loss analysis  of the game as a whole
•Custom Analysis •Win/Loss analysis of any combination of any number of games
Let robust statistical principles do the math for you.  Think that your player is winning more than he should?  Let Roulette Analysis prove it mathematically!
Get in touch with us at for details!

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