i learnt something today

We were at the aquarium and we saw a pair of siblings, a boy and a girl, run towards an exhibit.

It was one of a few exhibits that only allowed one person to use it at a time. The two then had a dispute over who got there first and who would get to use the exhibit.

This went on for a few seconds when Dad appeared.

Dad could have asked one of them to give way to the other (enforcing a belief in biasness in either or both children), got mad at them (spoiling the day) or left them alone (not a viable solution). He did not. Instead, he interjected himself into the dispute and claimed, “No! It is MY turn!” And proceeded to playfully hog the exhibit.

Dad showed me something today.

1. Using humour can defuse a situation

2. He got his children to focus on him rather than the exhibit

3. He got them to laugh and momentarily, even forget their sibling rivalry

4. He showed that he cared for them both and did not side either one

5. Being a kid with your kids is not always bad

Thanks, Dad!

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