Sample Power BI Report

This is a sample Power BI report: 3 databases are used and they have been linked via data relationships Measures have been used to generate the Z % statistic All data is fictional

Analyzing a Marketing Campaign

This is a sample of how to analyze an aspect of a marketing campaign. For this example we use a combination of T-tests, along with Hedge’s G and effect size tests to determine statistical confidence and significance. We also used linear regression and standard error analysis to determine the projected efficacy of the campaign.

i learnt something today

We were at the aquarium and we saw a pair of siblings, a boy and a girl, run towards an exhibit. It was one of a few exhibits that only allowed one person to use it at a time. The two then had a dispute over who got there first and who would get to use the exhibit. This went on for a few seconds when Dad appeared. Dad could have asked one of them to give way to the other (enforcing a belief in biasness in either or both children), got mad at them (spoiling the day) or left them alone (not a viable solution). He did not. Instead, he interjected himself into the dispute and claimed, “No! It is MY turn!” And proceeded to playfully hog the exhibit. Dad showed me something today. 1. Using humour can defuse a situation 2. He got his children to focus on him rather than the exhibit 3. He got them to

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Baccarat: An Analysis on Calculations

In trying to understand the boundaries of a game, it is helpful to look at all the possible permutations of events possible. We shall do this with baccarat – bull-dozing through the math.  The total number of permutations for baccarat is 416!/410! = 4,998,398,275,503,360. This is because there are 416 cards in an 8-deck shoe, so 52 x 8 = 416. We divide this number in factorials, meaning 416!, by 416 – 6 (for each coup has 6-cards, in relation to calculations). So we get 416! / 410!. As a point of interest, some of you might be thinking – isn’t there some kind of formula where we can plug in numbers and get the probability of results? Well, as far as my research has gone, there isn’t. Also, the removal of a 2 has a different effect from the removal of a 5. Meaning that each card has a different effect on the probabilities of the Player, Banker and

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Casino Agent System

Excelpunks is proud to offer a mobile communications application featuring an online database. Download on GooglePlay: This application was designed with casino junkets in mind. The concept is a Controller-Agent communications system where agents send player win/loss data via mobile app to their respective controllers, who edit, correct and approve reports for management. This application is free for trial and is a proof-of-concept application and can be customized for a wide variety of purposes. To log-in to this application, use the following credentials: To Log-in as an Agent User Name: agent1 / agent2 / agent3 Password: agent1 / agent2 / agent3 To Log-in as a Controller User Name: control1 / control2 Password: control1 / control2 *Please note that as this is a public trial with a publicly shared on-line database, all data will be available to anyone downloading this app, so please do not place any sensitive information within. Contact me for a discussion at Take care.

Baccarat – An Analysis

In this article, we shall go over the various components of baccarat: Effect of individual cards on probability Effect of different card combinations in a coup Effect of individual cards on probability The following 3 line-charts show the effect of removing each value of card on the probabilities on the next hand of the Banker, Player and Tie. You will notice that different card values have different effects on the probability of the next hand. Running a regression analysis on each line, the following respective 3 bar-charts indicate the quantifiable effects on probability. Banker These charts show that removing 4s and 2s have the largest positive effect on the probability of a Banker result, while removing 8s and 9s have the largest negative effect on the probability of a Banker result. Player These charts show that removing 6s and 7s have the largest positive effect on the probability of a Player result, while removing 8s and 4s have the largest

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Excelpunks Casino Maths Course

Ever wondered how casinos determine the payouts for games?  Ever wondered how casino games are created?  Are you working in a casino and are wondering how the casino decides when a player is winning too much? Learn all this and more at Excelpunks’ Casino Maths and Probability course! Gain a deeper understanding of 4 of the most popular casino games – Roulette, Sic-Bo, Poker and Baccarat! Combinations and Permutations – learn how games are created and how payouts are determined Probability – learn how probability affects the way games are developed and how win/loss thresholds are derived Payment – how probability translates into expectation and determining payments for wagers Standard deviation – determine the likelihood of a suspicious event Expected Value and Standard Deviation – learn how to calculate the expected win/loss of casino games and how to determine the thresholds of win/loss results Contact us at for details!

3 Things I Learnt From Programming

Programming is essentially an exercise in concentration. After several months learning this from the ground-up, I have come to 3 conclusions. The best solutions to problems are always simple and elegant. Attack problems with a clear mind. You can solve a problem in 5 minutes well rested, while 10 hours with a tired mind will yield nothing. Take a step back when you come to a road block. The solution you need requires you to take a different angle. And that’s it.

Checking in…

Hi everyone, I apologize for not posting much over the past few months as I have been acquiring new skills. I am now proud to announce that Excelpunks will be expanding its scope to include the creation of stand-alone .exe programs. Minimum system requirements are a computer that runs on Windows Vista or higher. If there is some routine data processing that you need done on a regular basis or if you are looking at acquiring a new reporting or database handling system – we’ve got you covered. Regards, Josh.