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Excelpunks Casino Maths Course

Ever wondered how casinos determine the payouts for games?  Ever wondered how casino games are created?  Are you working in a casino and are wondering how the casino decides when a player is winning too much?
Learn all this and more at Excelpunks’ Casino Maths and Probability course!

Gain a deeper understanding of 4 of the most popular casino games – Roulette, Sic-Bo, Poker and Baccarat!

  1. Combinations and Permutations – learn how games are created and how payouts are determined
  2. Probability – learn how probability affects the way games are developed and how win/loss thresholds are derived
  3. Payment – how probability translates into expectation and determining payments for wagers
  4. Standard deviation – determine the likelihood of a suspicious event
  5. Expected Value and Standard Deviation – learn how to calculate the expected win/loss of casino games and how to determine the thresholds of win/loss results

Contact us at for details!

3 Things I Learnt From Programming

Programming is essentially an exercise in concentration.
After several months learning this from the ground-up, I have come to 3 conclusions.
  1. The best solutions to problems are always simple and elegant.
  2. Attack problems with a clear mind. You can solve a problem in 5 minutes well rested, while 10 hours with a tired mind will yield nothing.
  3. Take a step back when you come to a road block. The solution you need requires you to take a different angle.

And that’s it.

Checking in…

Hi everyone,

I apologize for not posting much over the past few months as I have been acquiring new skills.

I am now proud to announce that Excelpunks will be expanding its scope to include the creation of stand-alone .exe programs.

Minimum system requirements are a computer that runs on Windows Vista or higher.

If there is some routine data processing that you need done on a regular basis or if you are looking at acquiring a new reporting or database handling system – we’ve got you covered.






Essential Excel in A Day

Hi Everyone,

Requirements: Excel ver. 2007
Download: Essential Excel in a Day

Excelpunks would like to present its very own Excel course, Essential Excel in A Day.

The course includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions on some of the most useful Excel functions, like CONCATENATE, SUMIF and Pivot Tables
  • Sample data to practise with
  • Examples of each lesson for analysis
  • Video demonstrations on some of the more interesting functions

It’s all at no charge.

Please feel free to use, distribute and instruct.  Teach yourself and teach others!


6 Things Every Leader Should Know

6 Things Every Leader Should Know

1.  Leader vs. Manager

Let’s be clear, a leader is not a title or an appointment.  It is someone who performs the activity of leadership.  A leader cares for and develops his people, leads by example, keeps his ear to the ground, is open-minded and willing to change and most importantly, humble.

A manager is merely an authority.  A manager was conferred authority by someone else and just as arbitrarily as that happened, someone else can take it away.  A manager does things as they have always been done.  A manager is just a channel for instructions.  A manager has no control over his position.

A leader does, because his leadership does not depend on someone else. It is an inherent trait and is irrevocable.  A leader is the ultimate expression of control and influence – control over oneself and influence among others.

So you think you can be a leader?  Yes, you can!  Here are 5 things you have to know if you want to lead…

2.  One Who Everybody Fears, Fears Everybody

Many managers and supervisors use fear and threats to get others to perform.  To many managers, fear ensures compliance.  Fear ensures order.  Fear ensures results.  Managers who resort to the use of fear often wonder why things fall apart once they are not around.  They then assume that it is the absence of fear that caused it and hence resort to the application of more fear.

Fear takes away ownership as all activity then is purely motivated by consequences.  Staff run around trying to avoid the consequences rather than aiming for the goal.  When things go wrong, no one wants to bear the blame.  No one is really focusing on the objectives – they are just running from the consequences.

The manager thus becomes fearful of his staff.  He cannot trust them to obey when he is absent as he is not around to threaten them into submission.  If he cannot trust his staff, he fears what they will do.  If he fears what they will do, he has no influence.  Clearly, this is the path of folly.

Treat your staff well, trust them to do what they are asked to do and always be open to questions and clarifications.  If they are clarifying with you, it means they care about what they are doing – a sure sign of a good team member.  Build an environment of trust and safety.  We all thrive under those conditions.

3.  Take Care of Your People and The Business Will Take Care of Itself

It seems redundant, but tasks do not perform themselves.  No matter how clear the instructions or how simple the task, if done by someone who is unskilled, uninformed or worse, unmotivated, a million things can and will go wrong.

Conversely, no matter how complicated the task or how ambiguous the instructions, if performed by a skilled, informed and motivated team member, you can be almost assured of a positive outcome.

It is always a wise decision to invest in your staff.  Develop them, train them and meet their needs and you won’t have to worry when you need someone to walk that extra mile with you.

4.  Praise Publicly, anything else in private

The sound of your voice and the words you use set the tone of your environment.  A manager who constantly yells threats at his staff creates an oppressive environment full of anxiety and fear and ultimately, mistakes.

Worst of all, your authority is undermined if everyone is bad mouthing you behind your back.

A leader who exhorts and praises his staff creates an environment of calm inspiration.  Your guys know that you appreciate great work and will try to give you that every time.  Who doesn’t like to hear good news at work?

If you really need to give a reprimand, do it in private and make sure no one else knows about it.  Focus on the future and how the changes implemented will benefit the team.  That way, the team member has something to aim for, rather than something to run from.

When you use praise, everyone knows where they are heading.  When you use fear, you never know which direction your team will go.

5.  Train and Develop Your Team

Not many managers understand the difference between training and development.  Training builds knowledge associated with the current job and is used when a team member is new or unsure of how to perform a task.

Development aims at promotion.  Development takes into account the team member’s aspirations and abilities to prepare them for the next position.  Development lets a team member know that you are keen to build them up, that you understand their aspirations and that you want them to succeed.

Training and development, when used appropriately, motivates and invigorates.  It lets your staff know you are looking forward and that you have recognized their potential.  If your staff feel they have a future in the organization, they will be more willing to give their all.

6.  Work is NOT Life

Leaders understand that work supports life, not the other way round.  If work was the most essential aspect of life, why spend time doing anything else?  Why study?  Why make friends? Why get married?

Indeed, a balanced life that is invested in many areas has many benefits.  An active social life, adequate exercise, the pursuit of recreational activities and most importantly, adequate rest leads to a healthier state of mind.  And a healthier state of mind leads to more productivity. It’s a win-win situation when a person succeeds both in his personal life and career.  Of course it’s possible!

A leader knows that a colleague struggling with a health issue or family turbulence will not be able to give his best.  A leader knows that a balanced investment of time in each aspect of life will benefit all of them.  It’s synergy and a leader ensures that this happens.

Leaders know when to give time off for great work and for compassionate reasons.  Leaders know that while work gives a sense of self-worth, it is still, just a part of a greater whole.

Leaders understand life.

5 Ways To Know If You HATE Your Job.

5 Ways To Know If You HATE Your Job

1.  You Are Reading This Now

Let’s face it.  If you loved your job, headlines like this wouldn’t even catch your eye.  What you are experiencing, is called attentional bias, where your perceptions are affected by your RECURRING thoughts.  Are you having some recurring thoughts right about now?

What’s that?  You DO love your job?

So you are reading this now, because?  That’s right, you aren’t SURE if you love your job and you need someone else to validate it for you.

Here’s another fact, if you love your job, you don’t need someone else to tell you.  You’d know.  Same as you’d know if you love your mother-in-law.

What’s that?  You DO love your mother-in-law?

2.  There’s WAY Too Much Time At Work

You know how it is when you are on your first date?  You pick her up at her house and before you know it, it’s 2a.m. and you are worried that Dad is going to do a Chuck Norris on you. Where did the time go?

Do you ever catch yourself looking at the clock, again?  Do you complete each task and then whip out your mobile to see how much time has passed?  Do you walk around, well, just to pass the time?

If you do, then you my friend, hate your job.

If you loved your job, there wouldn’t be enough time do get things done, at least, not to your level of satisfaction as you’d want things absolutely perfect.  You love what you do!  The day would pass by and before you know it, it’s time to get home.  Boy, you can’t wait for tomorrow.

Wait, that’s not you?  Read on, my friend…

3.  You Are Spending More Time In The Restroom

Yes, all you job haters – busted!  If you find any and every excuse to go relieve yourself, then there’s really one thing behind it.  Well, maybe a dietary issue AND one other thing.

You need RELIEF from your work and you can’t wait to get away from it.  Really, if you’re doing that, do you really NEED someone to tell you that you hate this job?

The reason you spend time sitting and thinking – yup, you are thinking and not doing what you are supposed to – is that you are WISHING you were doing something else with your time.  Come on, do you think mobile app games are really for you to use on the TRAIN?


4.  It Makes You Sick

Or at least, it makes you THINK you are sick.

Ever wake up in the morning and contemplate, ”Should I just call in sick?”  You then check all your body parts to make sure that nothing is wrong and then curse yourself when you find that you are fine.  Fine and good to go to work.

If your job is REALLY making you physically sick, I think it’s a good idea to call it quits.

But, if you are suffering from another kind of job related illness, of the ‘please-make-me-sick-because-I-don’t-want-to-go!’, variety, then you had better re-assess about whether your job is affecting your MENTAL health.

5.  You Plough Through It For The Kids

Yes, that’s a favourite.

You think to yourself, well, thousands of years ago, when humanity was primarily an agrarian society, we’d all be farmers!  Not everyone would have liked that, but they didn’t complain!  True!

But, don’t you think that thousands of years later, when we’ve sent people to the moon, created wireless technology and now have more variety of occupations than ever before, you’d at least have the opportunity to spend your life doing something you enjoy?

Have we not even progressed past THAT point in our society, with all our advances in so many other areas?

We have.  But you need to give yourself the chance to exercise that option.  It is worth the risk doing something you love for a year, than spending 30 years wishing you had

6.  In Closing…

Friends, go through life living it.  Don’t settle for second best, or worse, mediocrity.

Let your day be the best expression of yourself.  At least, give yourself the chance to do that.  Find your passion and pursue it.

Don’t wake up 25 years from now and think to yourself, well, THAT was a waste of time!  If others tell you to settle, get that decent job and wait for retirement, then they are NOT doing you any favours!  You are essentially occupying yourself till death takes you.

Don’t live life in regret, or worse, end life in regret.  There’s only 1 life given to each of us.  Spend it the best way you can.

Good luck!

Excelpunks is registered!

Dear friends,

As of 9th December 2014, Excelpunks has become an officially registered company!

Our services include:

  • Data processing
  • Customised Solution Design (programs in pure Excel with any requirement you specify!)
  • Training (from Noob to Advanced – watch out for that!)
  • Consultancy

As usual, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to comment or send us an e-mail at!




Excelpunks.  Training – Consultancy – Solutions.