Casino Agent System

Excelpunks is proud to offer a mobile communications application featuring an online database.

Download on GooglePlay:

This application was designed with casino junkets in mind. The concept is a Controller-Agent communications system where agents send player win/loss data via mobile app to their respective controllers, who edit, correct and approve reports for management.

This application is free for trial and is a proof-of-concept application and can be customized for a wide variety of purposes.

To log-in to this application, use the following credentials:

To Log-in as an Agent

User Name: agent1 / agent2 / agent3

Password: agent1 / agent2 / agent3

To Log-in as a Controller

User Name: control1 / control2

Password: control1 / control2

*Please note that as this is a public trial with a publicly shared on-line database, all data will be available to anyone downloading this app, so please do not place any sensitive information within.

Contact me for a discussion at

Take care.

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