Excelpunks Casino Maths Course

Ever wondered how casinos determine the payouts for games?  Ever wondered how casino games are created?  Are you working in a casino and are wondering how the casino decides when a player is winning too much?

Learn all this and more at Excelpunks’ Casino Maths and Probability course!

Gain a deeper understanding of 4 of the most popular casino games – Roulette, Sic-Bo, Poker and Baccarat!

  1. Combinations and Permutations – learn how games are created and how payouts are determined
  2. Probability – learn how probability affects the way games are developed, payments determined and how win/loss thresholds are derived
  3. Expected Value and Standard Deviation – learn how to calculate the expected win/loss of casino games and how to determine the thresholds of win/loss results


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