5 Ways To Know If You HATE Your Job.

5 Ways To Know If You HATE Your Job 1.  You Are Reading This Now Let’s face it.  If you loved your job, headlines like this wouldn’t even catch your eye.  What you are experiencing, is called attentional bias, where your perceptions are affected by your RECURRING thoughts.  Are you having some recurring thoughts right about now? What’s that?  You DO love your job? So you are reading this now, because?  That’s right, you aren’t SURE if you love your job and you need someone else to validate it for you. Here’s another fact, if you love your job, you don’t need someone else to tell you.  You’d know.  Same as you’d know if you love your mother-in-law. What’s that?  You DO love your mother-in-law? 2.  There’s WAY Too Much Time At Work You know how it is when you are on your first date?  You pick her up at her house and before you know it, it’s 2a.m. and

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Excelpunks is registered!

Dear friends, As of 9th December 2014, Excelpunks has become an officially registered company! Our services include: Data processing Customised Solution Design (programs in pure Excel with any requirement you specify!) Training (from Noob to Advanced – watch out for that!) Consultancy As usual, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to comment or send us an e-mail at excelpunks@gmail.com! Thanks! Josh. Owner Excelpunks.  Training – Consultancy – Solutions.

Be an Excel star and own it like a boss!

Welcome to ExcelPunks! Ever since Uncle Bill dreamed of putting a computer in every home, his company’s programs have become as much a part of our lives as well…computers. Excel isn’t new to any of us, but haven’t you wondered if it could be used as more than just a piece of digital paper? Ever wondered if Excel could start working FOR you?  Making YOUR life easier?  Allowing you to spend more time developing your staff or talking to your kids, or maybe spending an extra hour with a loved one who doesn’t have much time? I know, we don’t normally think about things like that, but that’s the truth of how some of us see work.  We place work above our own lives and before we know it, life is over.  There must be a better way, shouldn’t there? Someone taught ME once and I’d like to pay that forward in my own little way. By teaching others how to use Excel to

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