5 Ways To Know If You HATE Your Job.

5 Ways To Know If You HATE Your Job

1.  You Are Reading This Now

Let’s face it.  If you loved your job, headlines like this wouldn’t even catch your eye.  What you are experiencing, is called attentional bias, where your perceptions are affected by your RECURRING thoughts.  Are you having some recurring thoughts right about now?

What’s that?  You DO love your job?

So you are reading this now, because?  That’s right, you aren’t SURE if you love your job and you need someone else to validate it for you.

Here’s another fact, if you love your job, you don’t need someone else to tell you.  You’d know.  Same as you’d know if you love your mother-in-law.

What’s that?  You DO love your mother-in-law?

2.  There’s WAY Too Much Time At Work

You know how it is when you are on your first date?  You pick her up at her house and before you know it, it’s 2a.m. and you are worried that Dad is going to do a Chuck Norris on you. Where did the time go?

Do you ever catch yourself looking at the clock, again?  Do you complete each task and then whip out your mobile to see how much time has passed?  Do you walk around, well, just to pass the time?

If you do, then you my friend, hate your job.

If you loved your job, there wouldn’t be enough time do get things done, at least, not to your level of satisfaction as you’d want things absolutely perfect.  You love what you do!  The day would pass by and before you know it, it’s time to get home.  Boy, you can’t wait for tomorrow.

Wait, that’s not you?  Read on, my friend…

3.  You Are Spending More Time In The Restroom

Yes, all you job haters – busted!  If you find any and every excuse to go relieve yourself, then there’s really one thing behind it.  Well, maybe a dietary issue AND one other thing.

You need RELIEF from your work and you can’t wait to get away from it.  Really, if you’re doing that, do you really NEED someone to tell you that you hate this job?

The reason you spend time sitting and thinking – yup, you are thinking and not doing what you are supposed to – is that you are WISHING you were doing something else with your time.  Come on, do you think mobile app games are really for you to use on the TRAIN?


4.  It Makes You Sick

Or at least, it makes you THINK you are sick.

Ever wake up in the morning and contemplate, ”Should I just call in sick?”  You then check all your body parts to make sure that nothing is wrong and then curse yourself when you find that you are fine.  Fine and good to go to work.

If your job is REALLY making you physically sick, I think it’s a good idea to call it quits.

But, if you are suffering from another kind of job related illness, of the ‘please-make-me-sick-because-I-don’t-want-to-go!’, variety, then you had better re-assess about whether your job is affecting your MENTAL health.

5.  You Plough Through It For The Kids

Yes, that’s a favourite.

You think to yourself, well, thousands of years ago, when humanity was primarily an agrarian society, we’d all be farmers!  Not everyone would have liked that, but they didn’t complain!  True!

But, don’t you think that thousands of years later, when we’ve sent people to the moon, created wireless technology and now have more variety of occupations than ever before, you’d at least have the opportunity to spend your life doing something you enjoy?

Have we not even progressed past THAT point in our society, with all our advances in so many other areas?

We have.  But you need to give yourself the chance to exercise that option.  It is worth the risk doing something you love for a year, than spending 30 years wishing you had

6.  In Closing…

Friends, go through life living it.  Don’t settle for second best, or worse, mediocrity.

Let your day be the best expression of yourself.  At least, give yourself the chance to do that.  Find your passion and pursue it.

Don’t wake up 25 years from now and think to yourself, well, THAT was a waste of time!  If others tell you to settle, get that decent job and wait for retirement, then they are NOT doing you any favours!  You are essentially occupying yourself till death takes you.

Don’t live life in regret, or worse, end life in regret.  There’s only 1 life given to each of us.  Spend it the best way you can.

Good luck!

7 thoughts on “5 Ways To Know If You HATE Your Job.

  1. Well written – I thought you would spend your entire life working as an Assistant Surveillance Shift Manager to fulfill society’s expectations.


  2. Some people just thought that I have spent 5 years climbing to that position. So, why not? Just carry on with the mistakes and live for off days and vacations. Those people are pathetic. They are short changing themselves!


    • Thanks!

      Well, we all have to find our own way, yeah? I am glad I did. Hopefully, more people will wake up to the same realizations as we have. Life is too short and if lived the wrong way, too long.


  3. It’s a responsible, practical but sad thing to do a job you hate to pay mortgages, car instalments, living expenses and raise kids.

    But this kind of things should only be done when you have no choice, right?

    When you still have a choice,
    When you are still young,
    When you still have that window of opportunity,

    Shouldn’t you strive for the best outcome? Make a living or a fortune from doing a job or business you love and more importantly, pass down that correct value to your children. End that stupid vicious cycle.

    Some people just sentence themselves to that “practical but sad” situation WAY TOO PREMATURELY. They didn’t even try. They say it’s the responsible and practical thing to do but in reality, they are too scared! I can accept failure but I cannot accept not trying.

    Even if I have 9 lives, I would live each of them to the fullest because every life is precious.

    Society expectation has it that when you are at a certain age group, you should hold a certain job title, earn a certain amount of money, drive a certain car, travel to certain places, get married and have 2.1 children.

    They didn’t account for individual uniqueness and the pursuit of dreams. When does fulfilling society expectation become the meaning of life?


    • Very insightful!

      I think we always have a choice (even when we are not so young!), we just don’t make them. We let the recycled thoughts of others take priority and think, “Yeah, I should be doing that.”

      What we should be doing is what we have in our hearts (and I think we all have had that – it’s called a dream) – a dull education and the expectations of modern life drive it out of us!

      I would like to look into my child’s eyes and tell them to go for their dreams. Just like I did!


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