Gaming Solutions 2: Baccarat Analysis for Players (Excel)

  1. This analysis spreadsheet is meant for Baccarat.
  2. This spreadsheet computes all the possible permutations of a Player, Banker, Tie or Pair result depending on the:
    1. Number of decks in the shoe
    2. Coups dealt and;
    3. The value and number of cards dealt
    4. A recommendation is also given on where to wager.
  3. NEW Side Wagers:
    1. Power Baccarat (Natural 8 and 9 wins)
    2. Either Pair
    3. Dragon Bonus (Player and Banker Bonus)
    4. Dragon 7/Panda 8 Bonus
    5. Super 6
    6. Lucky 6
    7. Egalities
    8. Wins on 3-Card 6, 7, 8 and 9
  4. The memory requirements for this spreadsheet are high, so keep that in mind especially for games with a faster pace (Min. 8GB RAM, though 16GB of RAM is recommended).
  5. This system is a mathematical analysis of Baccarat and is used at your own risk.
  6. Purchase the spreadsheet below – the file will be sent to your e-mail address. Good luck.

Baccarat Analysis for Players (Excel)


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