Basics 4: Text


Time to learn: 5 minutes

So what about text? What about it?  Certainly, text is a major part of Excel, as it stores all manner of written data, not just numbers.

Simply TYPING it in.

If you wanted to type a text in Excel, simply do so.


Some of you might then think, what if I wanted to type a paragraph? Well, there are primarily 2 ways of doing this.  The first involves…ADDING A NEW LINE to the cell, by typing ‘Alt + Enter’ at the point of your text that you want an extra line. Remember that this does not add a new cell to the text, but merely adjusts its spacing.

Alt Enter

Text Boxes

The second method involves text boxes.  This is performed by clicking on the ‘Insert’ tab at the top of the screen (within the green circle I’ve drawn) and then the ‘Text Box’ button within that menu (within the yellow circle I’ve drawn).

Text Boxes

Now, when you move your mouse pointer over any area with cells in them, you will see a small crosshair. Position this crosshair over the point you want the top left corner of your text box to be and then click and drag to create your text box in the size you want.  You can shift the text box around, after that, so don’t worry.

Text Box 2

To move your text box, click within the text box (the borders would then become a broken line instead of a solid line) and then move your mouse pointer to the border of the text box till you see your mouse pointer transform into a symbol of 4 arrows pointing in the 4 cardinal directions. When it does, click and drag the mouse pointer which will also move the text box along with it. When you are satisfied with the new location, release the mouse button.

Text Box 3

To change the size of your text box, move your mouse cursor to any of the white circles or squares distributed along the border of your text box. Your mouse pointer will then turn into a symbol with 2 arrows pointing in opposite directions.  Click and drag your mouse pointer in the directions you want your text box to be increasing its borders to and then release the mouse button.

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