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Baccarat.  It is THE hottest game in Asia and well known for its high limits and the crowd it draws.

Excelpunks is pleased to present – Baccarat Analysis.

View the demo:

Individual Game Analysis

Baccarat Analysis (Review)

  • Analyse each game being played
  • Easy to use point and click interface
  • Systems automatically examine the results of each coup – all you have to do is enter the results and the wagers
  • WIN: Compute your player’s probability of winning for the player, banker, tie or pairs
  • WAGER: Monitor your player’s wagering pattern to see if he is wagering high on the winning hands and low on the losing hands – there’s no need to guess, let us prove the maths!
  • SHOE: Analyse the shoe itself to see if there was a bias to either the player or the banker and assess its probability
  • THEORETICAL WIN: Compare the expected theoretical win and the result and see how probable the result is
  • 1st Card: Determine the probability of 1st card knowledge

Master Your Games

  • Using binomial distributions and T-tests, study each game on 5 metrics: Win rate, Wager Ratios, Shoe Bias, Theoretical Win and 1st Card knowledge
  • 6 threat levels assess the improbability of a result occurring from confidence levels of between 75% to 99.9%
  • Multiple measurement systems analyse various aspects of play to see just what your player is doing

LONG-TERM Player Analysis – Analyse Your Players Based on All Games EVER Reviewed…that’s right, every one

Baccarat Analysis (Player Analysis)

  • A centralised database captures EACH and EVERY coup ever reviewed for quick and easy analysis
  • Review EVERY GAME ever played by your player and spot trends across all shoes played with the Player Analysis module.
  • Easily recall a previously reviewed game with a mouse-click
  • Automatic algorithms do all the math for you – you just need to type in a name and click!

Easy transfer of your existing data!

Baccarat Analysis (Database)

  • Integration with Excel allows you to transfer your existing data into the system
  • Customization is available on request

Get in touch with us at for details!

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