Solutions 4: SkyEye – Table Games

Solutions 4: SkyEye – Table Games

Requirements: Excel ver. 2007 and above

Download: get in touch with us at

You’re a casino owner or a gaming manager.  You need to know anything and everything before anyone else does.  AND you needed to know yesterday.  You need to see who your winners, losers and  heaviest hitters are.  And as with all of your fellows, you trust no one more than yourself.

You COULD hire a whole department to get you the information.  You couldn’t possibly get all that info on your own.  Or could you?

Excelpunks gets you a mile ahead of everyone on YOUR gaming floor with SkyEye – Table Games!

Just download your data and with a click of a button, SkyEye automatically:

  • Generates a report on ALL your players and tells you who your top Winners, Losers and Highest Average Betters are!

SETG Overall

  • Generates a report from over 500,000 unique ratings in under 2 minutes!
  • Generates a report on the winnings and losses of players as a percentage of total wins and losses so you know the impact!

SETG Summary

  • Generates a report on how much EACH game in your casino is making at once!
  • Generates a report on the winnings and losses of your games as a percentage so you know the impact!

As with any Excelpunks product:

  • No expensive or fancy software to buy or install!
  • No learning curve!
  • A ‘How To Use’ tab is included with all the instructions you need.

Always stay a mile ahead of YOUR game with SkyEye – Table Games!

Get in touch with us at for details!

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