Solutions 5: SkyEye – Slots

Soutions 5: SkyEye – Slots

Requirements: Excel ver. 2007 and above

Download: get in touch at

As a casino owner or slots manager, you need to make big decisions.  You need to know where to place your machines, plan the layout, serve the right mix and make denomination settings – and that’s just barely scratching the surface.

You are going to need a lot of data to make strategic decisions and place your games in the best positions possible.

Think it might be a real pain to get all that data?  Excelpunks puts it all at your fingertips with SkyEye – Slots!

Just download your data and SkyEye automatically:

  • Tells you what your Top performing Brands, Games, Denominations, Zones, Banks, Units and Players are based on a 6-measurement system!


  • Generates a report including the total coin-ins, value and even number of jackpots!
  • Generates a report from over 500,000 unique ratings in under 3 minutes!  Tests clock the SkyEye at 2  minutes and 51 seconds!
  • Generates a graphical comparison automatically!
  • Gives you an overall report on every unit in your arsenal!
  • Generates an automatic monthly report with a graphical display on command!


As with any Excelpunks product:

  • No expensive or fancy software to buy or install!
  • No learning curve!

You don’t need to get robbed by the one armed bandit, with SkyEye – Slots!

Get in touch at!

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