Solutions 1: Accounts made INSTANT with OneClickAccounts!

Solutions 1: OneClickAccounts

Requirements: Excel ver. 2007 and above

Download: get in touch at

Doing your accounts late into the night, AGAIN?  Wished your monthly reports didn’t seem like you were performing surgery?

What if that dreaded day of reckoning could be as SIMPLE as a mouse click?

Excelpunks’ OneClickAccounts makes it easy!

  • No need to purchase or install ANY software!
  • No learning curve!
  • Customization available upon request!
  • Generate detailed up to the DAY reports anytime!  Just enter the date of your report and OneClickAccounts generates your report at once!


  • ONE CLICK gets you an INSTANT performance chart on your expenses and revenue!


  • Up to 50 accounts that you can use!  Just enter the account name and the starting budget.  All expenses and revenues, to date and accrued are computed instantly!


  • Enter the details of your account item and a SINGLE mouse click sends it on its way!


  • Keep track of FUTURE expenditure and revenue effortlessly!
  • Easy to edit account item listing makes it easy to update old entries!


  • For ONCE, get home on time!

Get in touch with us at for details!

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