Baccarat Probability Calculator on Android

Friends, We are pleased to present the eXcelpunks Baccarat Probability Calculator on Android. Trial version: This application determines, based on all card permutations possible, the probability of occurrence of the following wagers: Player Banker Tie Pair Natural wins on 8 and 9 Based on user input of the cards dealt from the shoe … Continue reading Baccarat Probability Calculator on Android

Baccarat Analysis for Players

This analysis spreadsheet is meant for Baccarat. This spreadsheet computes all the possible permutations of a Player, Banker, Tie or Pair result depending on the: Number of decks in the shoe Coups dealt and; The value and number of cards dealt A recommendation is also given on where to wager. The memory requirements for this … Continue reading Baccarat Analysis for Players

Roulette Analysis

Requirements: •Windows 7 and above •.Net 4.5.2 compatibility •SQL compatibility Pricing: Let’s talk about it! Demo Video: You are a casino owner, gaming manager or surveillance manager.  You have a feeling that something is going down at the roulette tables, but you can’t put your finger on it.  Looking for a method to calculate … Continue reading Roulette Analysis

The Logic Of The Losing Shoe

The Logic of the Losing Shoe For those in the casino industry, especially for us surveillance folks, the words ‘losing shoe’ are all too familiar. A losing shoe is a period of play, normally lasting the length of one shoe of cards (which may be from one to as many decks as the shoe can … Continue reading The Logic Of The Losing Shoe