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Baccarat Probability Calculator on Android


We are pleased to present the eXcelpunks Baccarat Probability Calculator on Android.

This application determines, based on all card permutations possible, the probability of occurrence of the following wagers:

  1. Player
  2. Banker
  3. Tie
  4. Pair
  5. Natural wins on 8 and 9

Based on user input of the cards dealt from the shoe as well as the number of coups played, this application gives a report of the following on a card-by-card basis:

  1. Probability of occurrence of that result
  2. Change in probability from coup to coup
  3. House advantage
  4. Confidence level of that result occurring based on a statistical confidence level of 95%

Do understand that this in no way guarantees or predicts the outcome of the coup.

These are mathematical and statistical analyses and should be treated as such.

Good luck.

Baccarat Analysis for Players

  1. This analysis spreadsheet is meant for Baccarat.
  2. This spreadsheet computes all the possible permutations of a Player, Banker, Tie or Pair result depending on the:
    1. Number of decks in the shoe
    2. Coups dealt and;
    3. The value and number of cards dealt
    4. A recommendation is also given on where to wager.
  3. The memory requirements for this spreadsheet are high, so keep that in mind especially for games with a faster pace (Min. 8GB RAM, though 16GB of RAM is recommended).
  4. This system is a mathematical analysis of Baccarat and is used at your own risk.
  5. Purchase the spreadsheet below – the download link will be sent to your e-mail. address. Good luck.

    Baccarat Analysis for Players


Roulette Analysis for Players

  1. This analysis spreadsheet is meant for Single-Zero and Double-Zero Roulette.
  2. By entering in the results at a table, the spreadsheet will indicate the numbers and areas where results have occurred most often.
  3. Do understand that Roulette is a random game of chance – the results of previous games have no implication on the results of subsequent games.
  4. The spreadsheet will show if there is a bias in the wheel, a dealer with a regular spin or some flaw at the table which causes the game to be not as random as it should.
  5. Use this system at your own risk.
  6. Purchase the spreadsheet below – the spreadsheet will be sent to your e-mail address. Good luck.

Roulette Analysis Spreadsheet


Roulette Analysis

•Windows 7 and above
•.Net 4.5.2 compatibility
•SQL compatibility
Pricing: Let’s talk about it!
Demo Video:
You are a casino owner, gaming manager or surveillance manager.  You have a feeling that something is going down at the roulette tables, but you can’t put your finger on it.  Looking for a method to calculate the probabilities?
Excelpunks puts the statistics into this equation with Roulette Analysis!
•Includes analyses for Single and Double Zero roulette
•Probability alerts immediately inform you of improbable results.
•Round-By-Round Analysis and Entire Game Analysis:
  • Occurrence of Specific numbers
  • Win/Loss analysis on all wager types
  • Win/Loss analysis on Specific Numbers
  • Win/Loss analysis  of the game as a whole
•Custom Analysis •Win/Loss analysis of any combination of any number of games
Let robust statistical principles do the math for you.  Think that your player is winning more than he should?  Let Roulette Analysis prove it mathematically!
Get in touch with us at for details!

Casino Surveillance Reporting Suite with Integrated Baccarat Analysis


  • Windows 7 and above
  • .NET Framework
  • SQL server compatibility

Contact us at for details!

Demonstration Video:


  1. User-friendly interface with drag and drop functionality
  2. Comprehensive details presented in an easily navigable format.
  3. Compatibility with Excel – retrieve and upload large amounts of information using Excel into and out of the system.
  4. Customizable user access levels define how much access each user has to report and access data.
  5. Integrated Incident Reporting platform with Baccarat Analysis for comprehensive reporting on losing shoes.
  6. Automatic report data generates upon loading – presenting the number of reports created by respective users and categories.
  7. Print reports individually or by batch
Password Protected Log-ins
  • Password protection for all log-ins.
  • Reports are uniquely identified by the user’s log-in name.

Incident Reporting

  • Standardized reporting made easy with drop-down lists for incident categories, locations, staff and subject profiles.
  • Dynamic report list generation allows you to scroll through all selected reports
Incident Report

Subject and Staff Profiles

  • Dynamic profile list generation allows you to scroll through all selected profiles
  • Attach any kind of file to the profile from images to movies and access them directly from the subject profile.
  • Easy access to all related Incident Reports and Daily Logs.

Subject Profile

Baccarat Analysis – Game Analysis

  • Examine a host of factors like wager ratios, game wins and shoe biases -all integrated with your Incident Report.

Baccarat Tracking Sheet

Baccarat Analysis – Player Analysis

  • Analyze all the games ever reviewed for specific players
  • Find out the level of probability for suspicious behavior for all reviewed games.

Player Analysis

Custom Report Generation

  • Custom report generation allows for dynamic, customized report lists for display.

Custom Data


  • Customization is available on request – we understand how unique your operations are and we will tailor the system to suit your specific needs.

Should you be in another industry, but would like a customized reporting system of your own, do let us know!

Integrated Invoicing, Inventory and Accounting System


Looking into automating your existing pen and paper invoicing and inventory system?  Interested in integrating inventory tracking, accounting and invoicing into a single system?

Excelpunks is pleased to present its integrated invoice, inventory and accounting system!


Invoice Main1

  • Create new invoices easily
  • Create customer profiles easily so you can track who’s your best client – fill in as much or as little information as you need
  • Easy to navigate invoicing system lets you modify and view all existing invoices.
  • Print your invoices easily



  • Account for all your revenue and expenses with a single invoicing system
  • Summary reports let you know your staff, client and sales performance by time-period



  • Track your incoming and outgoing inventory
  • Invoices automatically update your inventory stock


  • Stand-alone system is a breeze to install
  • Customization available on request
  • Excel connectivity allows you to import all your existing data, making system transition easy

Get in touch with us for details at

Baccarat Analysis


  • .NET framework
  • SQL server compatibility

Baccarat.  It is THE hottest game in Asia and well known for its high limits and the crowd it draws.

Excelpunks is pleased to present – Baccarat Analysis.

View the demo:

Individual Game Analysis

Baccarat Analysis (Review)

  • Analyse each game being played
  • Easy to use point and click interface
  • Systems automatically examine the results of each coup – all you have to do is enter the results and the wagers
  • WIN: Compute your player’s probability of winning for the player, banker, tie or pairs
  • WAGER: Monitor your player’s wagering pattern to see if he is wagering high on the winning hands and low on the losing hands – there’s no need to guess, let us prove the maths!
  • SHOE: Analyse the shoe itself to see if there was a bias to either the player or the banker and assess its probability
  • THEORETICAL WIN: Compare the expected theoretical win and the result and see how probable the result is
  • 1st Card: Determine the probability of 1st card knowledge

Master Your Games

  • Using binomial distributions and T-tests, study each game on 5 metrics: Win rate, Wager Ratios, Shoe Bias, Theoretical Win and 1st Card knowledge
  • 6 threat levels assess the improbability of a result occurring from confidence levels of between 75% to 99.9%
  • Multiple measurement systems analyse various aspects of play to see just what your player is doing

LONG-TERM Player Analysis – Analyse Your Players Based on All Games EVER Reviewed…that’s right, every one

Baccarat Analysis (Player Analysis)

  • A centralised database captures EACH and EVERY coup ever reviewed for quick and easy analysis
  • Review EVERY GAME ever played by your player and spot trends across all shoes played with the Player Analysis module.
  • Easily recall a previously reviewed game with a mouse-click
  • Automatic algorithms do all the math for you – you just need to type in a name and click!

Easy transfer of your existing data!

Baccarat Analysis (Database)

  • Integration with Excel allows you to transfer your existing data into the system
  • Customization is available on request

Get in touch with us at for details!