Baccarat Raw Data

eXcelpunks is pleased to offer 2 sets of randomly generated baccarat results. Each set has the following characteristics: 1. 100 shoes of randomly generated baccarat results (+7000 coups) 2. Card count for all card values by coup 3. Cards appearing in every coup 4. Final result for Player, Banker and Tie 5. 52-card cut and burnt card programmed into each shoe Choose from Basic (with the above characteristics) or Advanced, which includes: Probability, Expectation and Win/Loss for 30+ side wagers including: 1. Pairs 2. Dragon 7 / Panda 8 3. Player and Banker Wins on Natural 8s or 9s 4. Player and Banker Wins on 3-Card 6s – 9s 5. Dragon Bonus (Player / Banker Bonus) 6. Super 6 7. Lucky 6 8. Ties from 0 to 9