Roulette Analysis for Casinos

Requirements: •Windows 7 and above •.Net 4.5.2 compatibility •SQL compatibility Pricing: 500 USD Demo Video: You are a casino owner, gaming manager or surveillance manager.  You have a feeling that something is going down at the roulette tables, but you can’t put your finger on it.  Looking for a method to calculate the probabilities? … Continue reading Roulette Analysis for Casinos

Roulette – An Analysis

Roulette – An Analysis Roulette is played by spinning a ball around a wheel.  The wheel contains 37 to 38 numbered pockets from 0 to 36 for a 37-numbered wheel and 00 and 0 to 36 for a 38-numbered wheel. The winning number is decided by which numbered pocket the ball comes to rest on.  … Continue reading Roulette – An Analysis