Excelpunks Casino Maths Course

Ever wondered how casinos determine the payouts for games?  Ever wondered how casino games are created?  Are you working in a casino and are wondering how the casino decides when a player is winning too much? Learn all this and more at Excelpunks’ Casino Maths and Probability course! Gain a deeper understanding of 4 of the … Continue reading Excelpunks Casino Maths Course

Roulette Analysis for Casinos

Requirements: •Windows 7 and above •.Net 4.5.2 compatibility •SQL compatibility Pricing: 500 USD Demo Video: https://youtu.be/HbI2H0-La4A You are a casino owner, gaming manager or surveillance manager.  You have a feeling that something is going down at the roulette tables, but you can’t put your finger on it.  Looking for a method to calculate the probabilities? … Continue reading Roulette Analysis for Casinos

What video games can teach companies

In the past months, I have had ample time to sample some of the many forms of video games. Most games feature some form of simulation of real life, from racing to squad combat. AND for some of us, we spend way too much time in these environments. The real reason, which we may not … Continue reading What video games can teach companies

Casino Gaming: Theoretical Win, Expected Value and Standard Deviation

Theoretical win and the standard deviations of expected value have been widely covered in numerous articles.  Unfortunately for me, the discussion on the topic has seldom been comprehensive enough to be understood by the layperson (meaning me). This post attempts to explain the issue in the simplest possible way. Why is this important? Theoretical win … Continue reading Casino Gaming: Theoretical Win, Expected Value and Standard Deviation

3 Things I Learnt From Programming

Programming is essentially an exercise in concentration. After several months learning this from the ground-up, I have come to 3 conclusions. The best solutions to problems are always simple and elegant. Attack problems with a clear mind. You can solve a problem in 5 minutes well rested, while 10 hours with a tired mind will … Continue reading 3 Things I Learnt From Programming

Casino Surveillance Reporting Suite with Integrated Baccarat Analysis

Requirements: Windows 7 and above .NET Framework SQL server compatibility Contact us at excelpunks@gmail.com for details! Demonstration Video: https://youtu.be/QQz7kIjJ6aw Features: User-friendly interface with drag and drop functionality Comprehensive details presented in an easily navigable format. Compatibility with Excel - retrieve and upload large amounts of information using Excel into and out of the system. Customizable user access levels define how much … Continue reading Casino Surveillance Reporting Suite with Integrated Baccarat Analysis

Checking in…

Hi everyone, I apologize for not posting much over the past few months as I have been acquiring new skills. I am now proud to announce that Excelpunks will be expanding its scope to include the creation of stand-alone .exe programs. Minimum system requirements are a computer that runs on Windows Vista or higher. If … Continue reading Checking in…

Integrated Invoicing, Inventory and Accounting System

Download:https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1GOdFh_T_QgOXpPVk1CZGdWaTA&usp=sharing Looking into automating your existing pen and paper invoicing and inventory system?  Interested in integrating inventory tracking, accounting and invoicing into a single system? Excelpunks is pleased to present its integrated invoice, inventory and accounting system! INVOICING Create new invoices easily Create customer profiles easily so you can track who's your best client - … Continue reading Integrated Invoicing, Inventory and Accounting System

Baccarat Analysis for Casinos

Requirements: .NET framework SQL server compatibility Baccarat.  It is THE hottest game in Asia and well known for its high limits and the crowd it draws. Excelpunks is pleased to present - Baccarat Analysis. View the demo: https://youtu.be/s7rMWMY3CdU Individual Game Analysis Analyse each game being played Easy to use point and click interface Systems automatically examine the … Continue reading Baccarat Analysis for Casinos

APPRAISE 2.0 – The 5 Minute Staff Appraisal System!

Download: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1GOdFh_T_QgU2hPbTdsWFFTRFU&usp=sharing Are your regular staff appraisals a pain in the ASS?  Wished you could be spending more time DEVELOPING your staff instead of TYPING about it?  Need an easy way to generate all those forms in 5 MINUTES FLAT? Excelpunks’ APPRAISE Staff Appraisal System does just that!  Get all the paperwork done in a … Continue reading APPRAISE 2.0 – The 5 Minute Staff Appraisal System!