Casino Games : Demystified

Hi friends, eXcelpunks is pleased to present our casino concepts course – Casino Games : Demystified! You will learn: The principles behind casino games How to calculate the probabilities and true odds of wagers How casinos determine how much to pay for a bet How to measure the performance of a game How to create your own game Enroll on: Take care!  

Baccarat: An Analysis on Calculations

In trying to understand the boundaries of a game, it is helpful to look at all the possible permutations of events possible. We shall do this with baccarat – bull-dozing through the math.  The total number of permutations for baccarat is 416!/410! = 4,998,398,275,503,360. This is because there are 416 cards in an 8-deck shoe, so 52 x 8 = 416. We divide this number in factorials, meaning 416!, by 416 – 6 (for each coup has 6-cards, in relation to calculations). So we get 416! / 410!. As a point of interest, some of you might be thinking – isn’t there some kind of formula where we can plug in numbers and get the probability of results? Well, as far as my research has gone, there isn’t. Also, the removal of a 2 has a different effect from the removal of a 5. Meaning that each card has a different effect on the probabilities of the Player, Banker and

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Casino Agent System

Excelpunks is proud to offer a mobile communications application featuring an online database. Download on GooglePlay: This application was designed with casino junkets in mind. The concept is a Controller-Agent communications system where agents send player win/loss data via mobile app to their respective controllers, who edit, correct and approve reports for management. This application is free for trial and is a proof-of-concept application and can be customized for a wide variety of purposes. To log-in to this application, use the following credentials: To Log-in as an Agent User Name: agent1 / agent2 / agent3 Password: agent1 / agent2 / agent3 To Log-in as a Controller User Name: control1 / control2 Password: control1 / control2 *Please note that as this is a public trial with a publicly shared on-line database, all data will be available to anyone downloading this app, so please do not place any sensitive information within. Contact me for a discussion at Take care.