Integrated Invoicing, Inventory and Accounting System


Looking into automating your existing pen and paper invoicing and inventory system?  Interested in integrating inventory tracking, accounting and invoicing into a single system?

Excelpunks is pleased to present its integrated invoice, inventory and accounting system!


Invoice Main1

  • Create new invoices easily
  • Create customer profiles easily so you can track who’s your best client – fill in as much or as little information as you need
  • Easy to navigate invoicing system lets you modify and view all existing invoices.
  • Print your invoices easily



  • Account for all your revenue and expenses with a single invoicing system
  • Summary reports let you know your staff, client and sales performance by time-period



  • Track your incoming and outgoing inventory
  • Invoices automatically update your inventory stock


  • Stand-alone system is a breeze to install
  • Customization available on request
  • Excel connectivity allows you to import all your existing data, making system transition easy

Get in touch with us for details at

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