APPRAISE: The 5-minute Staff Appraisal System!

Requirements: Excel ver. 2007 and above

Download: get in touch at

Are your regular staff appraisals a pain in the ASS?  Wished you could be spending more time DEVELOPING your staff instead of TYPING about it?  Need an easy way to generate all those forms in 5 MINUTES FLAT?

Excelpunks’ APPRAISE Staff Appraisal System does just that!  Get all the paperwork done in a flash and spend more time LISTENING and COMMUNICATING with your team!

  • NO expensive or fancy software to buy and install!
  • No learning curve!
  • Customization available upon request!
  • Just load your staff list and the system takes care of everything else!
  • Automatic listings make sure EVERYTHING is spelt correctly and all the details match PERFECTLY!
  • Just select a name and enter a numerical rating – the system does the rest!


  • Automatic dropdown options take care of all the essentials!  Why type EVERYTHING out when you need just a mouse click?


  • Customize your OWN rating system or use APPRAISE’s 5-metric system!


  • Generate a formatted, READY FOR PRINTING staff appraisal report by simply selecting a name!


Get in touch with us at for details!

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