Sample 3: Collating of Data Using a Pivot Table and Macro

For My Driving Instructor Download: I came across an interesting situation with my driving instructor.  He was collating a list of all the lessons the instructors in his team had taught for the day and the result of the lesson, being a pass or fail. He was collating this data by hand and I asked if I could help him.  I don’t think he took me seriously, but here is the solution – dear instructor, this is for you if you happen across this site. The spreadsheet uses a macro that automates the creation of a pivot table – with some basic VBA thrown in. Remember to ‘Enable Macros’ when you open the file and press the button ‘Process Data’.

Be THE MAN in your company with an interactive database!

Sample 2: Interactive Database We all work with data – tonnes of it.  Ever wanted to find all the information you need, with just 1 click of the mouse? Let’s build an INTERACTIVE DATABASE. Time to learn: 30 minutes Functions you will need: Data Validation Vlookup Conditional Formatting Step 1: Let’s start with some data. Here is a list of suspects in a database.  All of them have a name and a ‘Status’, whether they are ‘Wanted’, ‘Acquitted’ or ‘Missing’.  They also have a column next to their ‘Status’, indicating the ‘Action’ to be taken if they are seen – to ‘Apprehend’, ‘Issue Warning’ or just to ‘Inform Police’. Step 2: Let’s create a dropdown list of all the suspects in our list. Go to ‘Data’ tab and select ‘Data Validation’.  Select ‘Data Validation’ again. Step 3: An option box will appear with the title ‘ Data Validation’. Under the field ‘Allow:’, select the option ‘List’ and click ‘OK’. Step

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