Make your data sexy!

Data Processing 3: Charts Time to learn: 20 minutes Put an awesome look on your data and make great looking charts in minutes! Charts are easy. Let’s start with some data.  Here we have a list of caps in different colours and how many have been sold in January, February and March. Now, you see that the list looks like it should be longer than it is now.  More on that later. Step 1: Select the ‘Insert’ tab and you will see a selection of chart types above the section called ‘Charts’. Let’s select a ‘Line’ chart. Step 2: Now, we will select a ‘2-D Line’ chart.  Let’s go with the first one. Step 3: A box will now appear. Notice that the ‘Design’ tab contains many of the options that pertain to your chart.  The other tab that affects your chart is the ‘Layout’ tab just to the right of your ‘Design’ tab. More on that later. Step 4: 

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Magic to make the boss’ jaw drop with Pivot Tables!

Data Processing 2: Pivot Tables Time to learn: 20 minutes Have tonnes of data that you can’t make sense of?  Need a fast way to organise and view your 10,000 cell spreadsheet?  Then, pull that rabbit out of your hat with pivot tables! A pivot table compiles and summarises all the information in a spreadsheet into a table that you can manipulate easily.  Saves you time and makes you look incredible! The pivot table is an awesome function and helps you do many things at once! Step 1: Let’s start with some data. Here we have 19 colleagues and the number of sales they have completed from January to March. Now, what if we want to count the total sales for all of them per month? Step 2: Now, click on any cell that has our data in it (meaning anywhere from cells A1 to D20) and then click on the ‘Insert’ tab and select ‘Pivot Table’. Step 3: An option

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