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Solutions 11: Sales Calendar

Hello! Excelpunks is pleased to present a simple, user-friendly, Excel-based sales calendar. You may purchase this as-is here: Customization is

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Be a ONE MAN ARMY in your company!

Automation 1: Mail Merge Time to learn: 20 minutes Need to send out a standardised form to dozens of your customers?  Hundreds?  Thousands?  Feeling the cramp in your fingers from typing out the same form over and over?  Even good old copy and paste ain’t enough? From the interconnectivity of Microsoft’s Word and Excel comes an amazing step in office automation – the Mail Merge. What you are going to learn here will make you WORSHIPPED. Let’s start with some data. This is a list of a 12 name customer database.  You will see that we have 5 columns of information – ‘Salutation’, ‘Name’, ‘Address’, ‘Membership Points’ and ‘Bonus Points Remaining’. How are we going to create a standardised form with all this data without using copy and paste 60 times? Step 1: Ensure that all your data columns have TITLES.  This is essential when using the Mail Merge.  Save your data in an Excel file. I have called mine

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