Make your spreadsheet look like a MILLION BUCKS!

Aesthetics 1: Data Validation Time to learn: 10 minutes Want to make your spreadsheet look ultra-professional and have people asking you for weeks how you did it? You are going to love this. Data Validation is a sweet term for dropdown lists, which we are going to be creating today! So, let’s start with some data to create a list of items for sale: Once again, we will use the items we are selling to equip aspiring warrior-poets. Now, here are the steps for creating a drop-down list of all these items. Step 1: Go to the ‘Data’ tab and select ‘Data Validation’ – a drop down arrow will show 3 options – select ‘Data Validation’ once again. Step 2: Once you have selected the ‘Data Validation’ option, an option box will appear.  In the option box for ‘Data Validation’, under ‘Allow’, select ‘List’. Step 3: Upon selecting the ‘List’ option the option box will expand and you will see the

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