Make your spreadsheet look like a MILLION BUCKS!

Aesthetics 1: Data Validation Time to learn: 10 minutes Want to make your spreadsheet look ultra-professional and have people asking you for weeks how you did it? You are going to love this. Data Validation is a sweet term for dropdown lists, which we are going to be creating today! So, let’s start with some data to create a list of items for sale: Once again, we will use the items we are selling to equip aspiring warrior-poets. Now, here are the steps for creating a drop-down list of all these items. Step 1: Go to the ‘Data’ tab and select ‘Data Validation’ – a drop down arrow will show 3 options – select ‘Data Validation’ once again. Step 2: Once you have selected the ‘Data Validation’ option, an option box will appear.  In the option box for ‘Data Validation’, under ‘Allow’, select ‘List’. Step 3: Upon selecting the ‘List’ option the option box will expand and you will see the

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Be THE MAN in your company with an interactive database!

Sample 2: Interactive Database We all work with data – tonnes of it.  Ever wanted to find all the information you need, with just 1 click of the mouse? Let’s build an INTERACTIVE DATABASE. Time to learn: 30 minutes Functions you will need: Data Validation Vlookup Conditional Formatting Step 1: Let’s start with some data. Here is a list of suspects in a database.  All of them have a name and a ‘Status’, whether they are ‘Wanted’, ‘Acquitted’ or ‘Missing’.  They also have a column next to their ‘Status’, indicating the ‘Action’ to be taken if they are seen – to ‘Apprehend’, ‘Issue Warning’ or just to ‘Inform Police’. Step 2: Let’s create a dropdown list of all the suspects in our list. Go to ‘Data’ tab and select ‘Data Validation’.  Select ‘Data Validation’ again. Step 3: An option box will appear with the title ‘ Data Validation’. Under the field ‘Allow:’, select the option ‘List’ and click ‘OK’. Step

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Be an Excel star and own it like a boss!

Welcome to ExcelPunks! Ever since Uncle Bill dreamed of putting a computer in every home, his company’s programs have become as much a part of our lives as well…computers. Excel isn’t new to any of us, but haven’t you wondered if it could be used as more than just a piece of digital paper? Ever wondered if Excel could start working FOR you?  Making YOUR life easier?  Allowing you to spend more time developing your staff or talking to your kids, or maybe spending an extra hour with a loved one who doesn’t have much time? I know, we don’t normally think about things like that, but that’s the truth of how some of us see work.  We place work above our own lives and before we know it, life is over.  There must be a better way, shouldn’t there? Someone taught ME once and I’d like to pay that forward in my own little way. By teaching others how to use Excel to

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