Baccarat Probability Calculator on Android

Friends, We are pleased to present the eXcelpunks Baccarat Probability Calculator on Android. Full version: This application determines, based on all card permutations possible, the probability of occurrence of the following wagers: Player Banker Tie Pair Natural wins on 8 and 9 Either Pair Dragon 7 and Panda 8 Player and Banker Bonus … Continue reading Baccarat Probability Calculator on Android

Baccarat Analysis for Players

This analysis spreadsheet is meant for Baccarat. This spreadsheet computes all the possible permutations of a Player, Banker, Tie or Pair result depending on the: Number of decks in the shoe Coups dealt and; The value and number of cards dealt A recommendation is also given on where to wager. The memory requirements for this … Continue reading Baccarat Analysis for Players